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Your Support


The type of support SASMO may provide to surviving families include, but may not limited to the following: 

The surviving families will have access to this
website  in-which all surviving families and friends will be able to honor their  fallen loved ones and communicate with other surviving families. 

Funding  and assistance to surviving families in the form of respite, cutting  edge Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment and or other  counseling or needed services and fulfillment of any other desires and  or requests the families may want, as SASMO’s budget allows (i.e.  basically any assistance that families request or desire that can be  lawfully provided and SASMO has available funds to provide within its  budget). 

Also, as funds allow, SASMO is dedicated to supporting the returning wounded soldiers and their families in a similar manner.

How You Can help


Please  help us honor Sean and all other fallen heroes, and make sure their,  and the families' sacrifices are not forgotten by donating your time or  funds by check or money order, made payable to SASMO to the following address: 


10566 Combie Rd., #6246 

Auburn CA 95602

You can also help us by donating your time, to help SASMO with fundraising and contacting surviving families, etc.

Thank you so much for helping us honor our fallen heroes and supporting the surviving families.

If you have questions, suggestions and or if you would like to help, you can contact Gary Stokes (Seans father) at