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Sean Andrew Stokes Memorial Organization

(SASMO) - 

has 501(c) (3) non-profit status since April 11, 2008.

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The SEAN ANDREW STOKES MEMORIAL ORGANIZATION (SASMO) is a nonpolitical / nonprofit organization created to honor the memory of all fallen Iraq war soldiers/*"heroes" including our hero son, Sean Andrew Stokes. Sean was killed in Action in Iraq on July 30th 2007.

Therefore, SASMO's mission is to honor the memory of all Iraq war heroes, by continuing to carry on Sean’s courageous ambition (i.e. to selflessly give "his all" to something larger than himself). One way Sean did this, was by supporting all his brothers and sisters in harm’s way. SASMO will carry on Sean’s, legacy by ensuring that Sean’s and all other fallen US heroes’, efforts and sacrifices will not be forgotten and their surviving families of the Iraq war will be supported now and in the future. We offer the surviving families of the Iraq war, various choices of how they would like to honor their fallen loved one. One option the surviving families may choose, is to help SASMO memorialize their fallen heroes on this website, just as we have honored Sean forming and operating SASMO and his memory on this website. Once the memorializing function is constructed on this website (in the near future), surviving families can send pictures, text, blogs, etc. that will added to their heroes' webpages. There will be numerous other ways that SASMO will help surviving families' honor their fallen heroes, as donated funds allow.

*SASMO believes that our soldiers, who have volunteered to answer our country’s call to serve overseas, who follow the decisions of the policy-makers without question and are willing to give their lives in that pursuit, should all be defined as heroes. Other people may have different opinions about this and they are welcome to their opinions, but what is more heroic than giving your life for the something that has been agreed upon, by the majority of those who decide policy, for the greater good of the country? We believe that these fallen heroes should be honored, and not ever forgotten, by all--whose lives have been enriched and benefited from the freedom gained through the sacrifices these heroes have made. We also believe that the surviving families should be supported, as their sacrifices are life-long and unending. They, too, have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country; the sacrifice of losing a loved one whom they will miss for the rest of their lives.  

One may ask: Are the decisions of the policy makers always correct, and do they always take the best course of action to accomplish what the majority has mandated as the greater good for our country? We believe that this is a completely different topic of discussion and is beyond the scope of this organization. We neither condemn nor condone the actions which have led to the ultimate sacrifices these airman/air women, soldiers and marines, and their families, have made for our country. We simply believe that these heroes and their families deserve all the support and respect we can give them, for they have paid the highest price and given the most for us all. 

 We ask that everyone make an effort to be sensitive of the fact that the surviving families slowly, but incessantly, must adapt to Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day, Christmas, birthdays, family events and major holidays by the second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year and long after their loved ones gave their lives. Please try to remember that we, America, the majority, have been supported in our freedom and our lifestyles because of these heroes, regardless of our political beliefs or opinions about the decisions of the policy makers. Please, let’s all honor and support America’s fallen heroes by remembering them, by recognizing their sacrifices and by supporting their surviving families. If everyone were to give just a small amount of their time or finances in support of these families, SASMO can do some very big and meaningful things for the surviving families so that their fallen heroes will be honored and remembered now and in the future.

Thank you for your generous support.

Please click on the Donations tab at the top of this page, to learn how you can help SASMO support the suriving families.